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Group Practice Tech

May 19, 2023

Welcome solo and group practice owners! We are Liath Dalton and Evan Dumas, your co-hosts of Group Practice Tech.

In our latest episode, we have an insightful conversation with group practice owner + supervisor extraordinaire, Dr. Tara Sanderson, about supervision, artificial intelligence, and leadership.

We discuss leveraging technology and systems for supervision; seeking supervision or consultation throughout your career; features of good supervision; supervision as risk analysis; taking reasonable steps to ensure competence with new technology; considerations for AI use for therapists; current ways therapists utilize AI; balancing legality, ethics, and humanity; being open to other perspectives, continual learning, and vulnerability as a leader; the art form of supervision; trainings that Tara has found helpful; Tara’s podcast and training course; receiving supervision to become a better supervisor; and what’s in Tara’s tech stack. 

Listen here:

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Show Notes & Additional Information:

Dr. Sanderson's Supervision Smörgåsbord Podcast


Dr. Sanderson's How to Have Interns in Your Practice course 

PCT Resources

Dr. Sanderson's CE training series at PCT: Incorporation of Interns and Supervisees in Mental Health Private Practice: Legal-Ethical, Training, and System Resource Management Considerations


The PCT Way System for optimizing and fortifying your mental health group practice


PCT's Group Practice Care Premium: one of the key resource, support and team management systems Dr. Sanderson utilizes to manage device security, remote workspace security, HIPAA and ethics trainings for her team of interns and supervisees